Do you think Sanders/Hillary supporters will realise they are the modern fear mongers now that they are all paranoid/suicidal and believe they are gonna be murdered, thrown in concentration camps or killed in World War 3? Do you think they will realise that identity politics Is the new original sin?Do you think they will realise their media lied to them by trying to force Hillary Clinton on the public with platitudes, now that we know how skewed their polls were? We realised this a long time ago and so did Good Guy Trump.

You should have known when you tried to fuck with our video games, that you were lifting the veil of the SJWs and making enemies of the apolitical.

You should have known when you ruined Ghostbusters, that nobody agrees with you.

You should have known when Hulkamania ran wild on Gawker, that the truth would set you free.

You should have known when Glenn Beck joined you, that you have become the thing you hate.

You should have known when the memes didn’t hold up, that they were not magic.

You should have known when we told you that you can’t stump the Trump, that you were stumped.

You should have known when you go high, We grab the pussy.

Now you walk aimlessly through the streets crying because you lost your vain movement. Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post are currently boarding their windows as the hug box collapses in on them. The over rated actors and musicians you idolize are asking their agents for the best excuse to not follow through on their promise to leave the United States. Your anchors scramble to save face and try to reassemble their broken narrative because they would never get payed enough to tell you that this is all your fault.

A friend of mine asked “How long until someone finds a way to accuse the presidential election of being rape?” This was a rape, and this time, you were asking for it. All heil our new overlord, Good Guy Donald Trump.

Sincerely, The God Princes of the Otaku Underground.

10/10 election, would stump again. LOLOKAUST GUIDE TO SUICIDE.