Dicksclaimer: Lolokaust is an international art collective dedicated to creating and hosting art and media that would be rejected or censored on most mainstream multimedia sites. Most of our users would consider our content satirical in nature and any opinions expressed on the site aren’t necessarily representative of the opinions or values of our contributors. We can be contacted via facebook or email via [email protected]  

The Circle Jerk behind the Lolokaust 

Paintfuhrer Ajaa

Cute isn’t she? Actually if you were stupid enough to embrace her she would probably bite a chunk out of your cheek and spit it back in your face, Ajaa is a nasty mother fucker. Guidefuhrer of the infamous suicide guide and probably the best MSpainter we have. She has a huge collection of severed penises and hates animals. She describes herself as a romantic, assuming that a knife fight is your idea of a date. Her hero’s are Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler (blessings be upon him),Patrick Bateman and Josef Fritzl was said to be her lover.


Reichssicherheitshauptam Alex

The Lolokaust public toilet, he likes to be shat on. He likes animal cruelty, pop music, womenz, alcohol, watersports and hates homofaggots, cats and Jews. An artist in MSpaint (the most powerful graffic arts program in existance) who rejects all other mediums. Forum flamer/raider who takes great delight in posting rape pictures on rape support forums. Ted Bundy is his hero and don’t fucking touch his bunnies.


Musician, MSpainter, film maker, the list goes on. CMCW is a kreatorsaurus of content who co created the Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the streets video game, given us thankyouhitler.com, designed our forum and continues to push the creative boundary like Michael Jackson did the limits of paedophilia. Works like a fucking nigger, except the stuff he makes has value and worth. He loves gimps, slaves and exotic oils.



Reichsfuhrer Smilecythe

Smiley brings puppies and kitt…, fuck that he brings darkness and despair. Art, music, animations, and co-creator of the Boston Marathon 2013 Terror in the Streets video game… its all on his criminal record. He likes bondage,wearing ladies underwear, cigars and also does volunteer work in a local abortion clinic for catholic nuns. He hates spear chucker music, anime and Astrid Thors (Jewgle it you Kike).



Jeff Toobin

Jeff Toobin is a fat lazy fuck with downs syndrome and a levy of other physical and psychological disorders. He spends his time chasing Doritos with Mountain Dew while rubbing his micro penis with his fat crusty hands. His purpose at Lolokaust is not entirely clear but his warped world views have manifested in ms paints here from time to time.  He is truly a plague and drain upon society. 



33A3 is a musician and expert basic html expert. Well traveled, well hung, nobody truly knows how far his talents and knowledge reaches though his stamp can be found on Lolokaust’s adopted anthem, “Master Fucker Turbo”.


Sunny Bee

Sunny (The RooFuhrer) brings to us a trait foreign to the world of Lolokaust… Compassion. When she is not giving jello shots to starving african children she is wishing burn and acid victims out of existance to create a better world for them, and a better lolokaust experience you!



This beautiful angel right here is a lucky gift we received from the heavens. Traditional arts are her expertise and she is somehow able to convert her dark and creative mind into mind-blowing MSpaint arts. She likes bondage, masturbating in latex, blood, reading, cookies and she especially loves to set Smilecythe’s cock on fire, literally. She hate’s people and some survivors from her neighborhood claim her door mat is made of bones and flesh of young children.

Sir Baxter Childsexington

Modfuhrer Extroidinare. This silent gaurdian of our forum is here to strike down unruly jews. With a bellied laugh he rules from mod mountain while pissing down the throats of peasents and keeping the jizzmobs at bay with his big swinging dick.


Reichsfuhrer Reggin

Our An agent of the lolokaust who infilatrates and creates lols wherever he goes. You may see him cutting down the establishment with use of watermelons and fried chicken. He is proud to be white.



A man of mystery and suspense. RGK is one of the most artistic MSpainters to be found on the internets. He hand makes gifs in paint with accuracy not found anywhere else. Psychedelic, drug fuelled and brutal are the order of the day. Some say on Sundays he visits his grandparents, my guess is he’ll be digging them up for a
laugh. The picture really says it all, I hear he’s open for baby sitting on Wednesday nights.



So she isn’t wearing anything other than a traffic cone? What of it? How much do you wish she was turned the other way? Piestar is another MSpainter who can easily be found by her fish smell. She might have also modelled for some of our angels, maybe. A contributor of LOL on our forums, educated in medical experiments on children. Likes Josef Mengle, traffic cones, animal porn and hates kikes and whiny emo douche faggots. Show me your tits….heard it all before.


Alumni Status is considered for all frequent contributors of the past and present. If you would like to contribute your art/music/media to lolokaust join our community on facebook or speak to a member when you see us out and about shitposting.