I want to tell you
exactly how and why I did it.

They just piss me off, there’s never a moments peace. My gran just comes in my
room without knocking, I mean I could be raping my hand, the stupid cunt never
leaves me alone, I wish I was invisible. She was a worthless piece of shit on
my shoe who auto-backs him up every time I challenge him. It’s true, I
challenge him whenever I can, he’s an old has been, a shadow of his former
self who will be dead and forgotten within a few years. He also cheats at
board games and he can’t handle the fact I can beat him. Yes, I hate my


It was late last night when I decided to call their sins to account, I’d just had
enough of his lying and cheating. It was one am and the house was silent, they
had gone to bed at the same time as they ALWAYS FUCKING DO! Eight pm every
night without fail they hit the sack. The house could be burning down, there
could be a king size steam roller about to obliterate the entire place but
they would say

“Sorry son, it’s eight pm, you know we go to bed at eight”

I’d reply.

“Well maybe so son but it
is eight and we don’t like to be late to bed.” 

Creatures of habit are lifeless and dead
anyway. They are old, I hate them and they should die.


I took all my clothes
off so I could wash myself down. I slowly went down stairs and raided the
fridge. She had made me a cake earlier today, my favourite chocolate fudge
brownie cake. I cut a wedge off with the kitchen knife and poured myself a
glass of milk.


I opened their
bedroom door and just stood looking at them as they lay there. He was snoring
like a fucking pig like it was gagging to death on a phallus and she had that
fucking eye mask on which makes no difference. I mean she’s asleep! WHY THE
FUCK DO YOU COVER YOUR EYES WHEN YOU SLEEP!!? Their lives are pointless. I
finished my slice of cake, drank my milk and wiped my mouth with the back of
my hand.


Slowly but surely I
was able to climb up the bed and tower above his head. I felt powerful, he was
at my mercy. You fucking cheat at board games and I’m not going to let you
insult me like that ever again. I looked at the kitchen knife in my hand, it
was covered in the cake I had just cut. I lifted my arm up high and STABBED
THAT FUCKING LIAR IN THE EYE. He slowly opened his mouth and took a large
breath, it was his last and I don’t think he even woke. There was remnants of
cake around the wound where the knife cut in and a little blood sprayed on my
face, chest and as far down as my penis.


I moved myself over
to the other half of the bed where my gran was sleeping. She was a lighter
sleeper and would wake as soon as I touched her. I slowly lifted the sleeping
mask off her face and she woke. She looked to her left and saw what I had done
to the man she had spent 60 years of her life with. I was surprised how calm
she was. She simply said “Travis you are our grandson and we love you very
much, we love you Travis” That was just what I needed, I plunged the knife
through her right tit and up into her heart. Her eyes widened and she was
looking straight through me as the life drained out of her.


I stripped them both
naked and my erection had become like steel. I stood back and admired my
artwork, it was beautiful. In my head could hear a 60 piece orchestra and a
full choir backing this masterpiece but just then, Barney our terrier dog
started barking in the other room which took me out of the zone immediately.
My erection subsided, fuck you Barney for doing that.


I looked on the
bedside table and there were my grandparent’s dentures in a glass. They even
shared the same fucking glass for their disgusting teeth. I took a pair of the
teeth out.


I went for a dirt,
wiped the blood off my body and retired back to my room. I lay here now on my
bed, masturbating with the dentures in my mouth as I tell you my story.




Special thanks to Ken Park