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History has shown that we are capable of committing the most sadistic, violent acts of cruelty to each other for reasons that seem unjustifiable. One thing is true of organized religion: it causes men to kill and torture one another. More wars have been fought over religion than anything else. The basic cornerstones of Christianity were to love thy enemy and be peaceable with one another, but the history of the Catholic church tells a very different story. Why would so-called “Christianity” burn someone alive for reading the book they claim to follow? The answer is that these holy writings exposed the hypocrisy of the church leaders when comparing it to what they were getting up to. Yes, the Catholic church is the bloodiest and most vicious worldwide organization in human history.


A history stretching back over a thousand years means the Catholic Church has some well documented skeletons in their closet. To make sure the mud stays stuck, we will be revealing a sordid history of sex and violence much more graphic than any fictitious film or book. The following you are about to read is 100% factual and gives an insight into things still going on now. Read on to discover the truth about the most cruel, barbarous organisation on Earth.




Fear of the general population becoming educated and enlightened was what drove the church to suppress the common man. To keep the population in the dark ages would ensure that the church maintained control over both power and wealth. Torture proved to be, in itself, a valuable tool in extracting information, fulfilling the need for power and sometimes even providing the torturer with sexual satisfaction.


Some of the charges brought against the accused were a joke. Penis thievery was one of the most bizarre. The woman would be subjected to an invasive genital examination where they would look for the ‘Devil’s mark’. This was where they were said to ‘suckle demons’ and anything like a mole, skin blemish or wart was definitive proof of such activity. The accused would be charged of sodomy with the Devil and then tortured to death.


The charges were nearly always of a sexual nature. This was a way that men, who were vowed not to have sex, could enact their fantasies. Before a victim was tortured or executed, they would remove body hair because they claimed that this was where the demons hid. They said the demons would intervene and take the witch’s life too early, numb the pain or stop them giving information about their crimes.


Before they got to work, a priest would bless the torture instruments. During play, vinegar was poured down the victims’ nostrils to keep them conscious. After they had finished, the family was made to pay for the costs of implanting the torture. To make things worse, the estates of the deceased were seized. This meant that any monetary value of the estates could not be used to cover torture expenses.


Rape was not uncommon during interrogation. The excuse of ‘any means necessary’ was used as a justification of such activities. Biting and mutilating the sexual organs was commonplace.  I wonder if the priest blessed the teeth of the torturer before he used them to chew off a girl’s beef curtains?






They often used the least fatal methods first. The fingernail splint was an entry level torture to warm things up. I want you to imagine yourself restrained to a chair with your arms strapped to a table so you can’t move them. The torturer is tapping wooden splints under your fingernails and asking you to confess crimes you probably didn’t do. Imagine the pain as the small timbers smash through the bottoms of your fingernails. Ready to talk?



This one was used to extract heresies. The only thing the victim was allowed to say was ‘I recant’. They would burn sensitive parts of the body like the genitals and other sexually arousing areas. If you were lucky, they would hang you after a confession. Confessions were often written before hand. Things such as sexual intercourse with the devil, cavorting with goat headed beasts from the underworld and blasphemy were common accusations.



The church was obsessed with sexual decency. What is confusing is the quantity of tortures which involved sexual methods and nudity. The rules for a Catholic priest meant he couldn’t marry or fuck. Denying a man of his carnal satisfaction can lead to twisted sexual desires and woman hate issues on a scale unimaginable. The Judas Cradle is one such device that satisfies the sadistic, sexual nature of a man who self loathes. The victim was suspended by ropes tied to the hands and feet. An oil lubricated tip of a pyramid shaped stand was inserted either into the anus or vagina, where it was extremely painful every time the victim moved. The pain would be increased as the torturer lowered the person’s weight onto the tip.



This was another sexual torture for homosexuals and women who were charged with having sex with Satan and witches. Everyone likes ramming objects up their pleasure gaps for fun, but imagine someone stuffing a car jack up your fuck hole and turning the screw to rip open your orifice, yes, this was designed to fuck you up so bad, even masturbation would never be the same again. It was in the shape of a pear and it would extend out like a blossoming flower inside you, the difference being, it didn’t look or smell so pretty when it was opened up.



Unwed mothers, adulteresses, practicers of sexual white magic and women having an abortion would get their tits fucked up, and we’re not talking about a titwank. The breast ripper had 4 claws that could be heated over a fire and used on the boobies to rip and burn the flesh. The spider however was a more fearsome tool, this was used to rip her fucking pillows right off! The wretched slut would have her mams clamped into this device which was attached to the wall. Ropes would then be tied to the victim and the torturers would pull her away from her tits, ripping them off. I can think of plenty of fine things to do with tits, ripping them up is not one of them.





Imagine being eaten alive, now imagine the filthiest animal in existence. Lay your wretch out on a slab, restrain him (obviously), place an upturned metal bowl on his stomach and heat it up. The twist to this cocktail is, the bowl is full of starving rats. Now how do you think these hungry rats in a hot bowl are going to get out? That’s right, they eat and claw and dig through the victims stomach. The melting hot bowl burning your skin will be the least of your worries as these creatures burrow through your intestines. If the priest is feeling charitable he might let you kiss the cross, assuming you can stop screaming before dying.



17th century Germany. The Bishop of Wurzburg commissions the construction of a huge, human oven where over a 10 year period, 2000 women from 2 years up to 80 years old were roasted alive. 900 witches were also burned alive and his own nephew was beheaded for witchcraft. Of 22 villages in the Rhineland, 368 women were smoked, leaving only 2 females alive. Lawyers, clerics, the educated and good looking girls were the ones the church targeted.



It doesn’t take much imagination to work out how this works. You would have thought that by the time the sawing starts, the victim would pass out but not the case. The person was tied upside down which meant the oxygen went straight to the brain, keeping you from passing out. Even though you were being sawn down the middle, often the blade would reach as far as the lower chest before you snuffed it. Your own blood and crap would fall past your face as the saw cut through which would have been terrifying for you, but sexually stimulating for the executioners.



Quite often the church would make a person watch someone else being tortured to extract information, which was often enough. If that didn’t work, this was used. The head crusher was a fearsome contraption where a bar was placed under the victim’s chin and a head plate which was compressed against the top of the skull with a turn screw, was used to apply pressure. It was said that the teeth shattered in their sockets first and then the jaw would follow. The last part, was the eyes to pop out of their sockets if the victim was still not going to confess.



Amsterdam 1571, Anneken was convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to be burnt alive. The priests didn’t like the victim shouting their innocence to the crowd, so on this occasion they stuffed her mouth with bags of gunpowder. She was led out in front of the screaming crowds, tied to a ladder and thrown on the fire. As her face began to melt, the gunpowder lit and blew her head up at which point the Inquisitor proclaimed this was proof of a witch. Eyewitnesses report seeing one of the bailiffs stimulating his genitals as the crowd roared.



Flanders 1560. Fourteen year old Joost was singing in a choir during a state visit by King Philip of Spain. Philip was a homosexual and decided to take him home with him but Joost managed to slip away. For the next four years the Grand Inquisitor hunted him down and upon finding him subjected him to the most brutal death. They used iron teerlingen which were hammered through his knees and pushed down his leg through his ankles, smashing his joints to pieces. When realising he was about to die, they burnt him alive in a wooden hut.



Duke Maximillian I decided to crack down on the black arts with a show trial. The Pappenheimer family were the unfortunate victims of this public spectacle. The son, 10 year old Hoel Pappenheimer, was forced to testify against his parents and 2 older brothers, the charge was killing pregnant women and making candles out of the unbaptized fetuses. He was forced to watch his family tortured with a crowd extending half a kilometre down the street. His father had his bones broken followed by a stick forced up his anus. His mother had her breasts cut off and put in her mouth and the mouth’s of her 2 sons. The 4 of them were made to kneel before a cross and confess sins of witchcraft as the crowd sang hymns. They were then tied to stakes and burned alive. Hoel was reported to have cried out “My mother is squirming” LOL! A few months later he met the same fate.

The church said that after their death, the guilty would go to hell and endure everlasting torment. I doubt that’s true but if it was, what kind of torment could be worse than what this family went through?



Walpurga was a widowed, Austrian Midwife convicted of witchcraft. Under torture she made the following confession:

“I  made arrangements to meet a man at my cottage for sex. Instead, a demon showed up called Federlin, dressed in the man’s clothes. We had sex and the demon promised to save me from poverty, only after I signed a written contract pledging alliegance to the Devil. He took me to meet Lucifer where we confirmed the contract, drank wine, ate roasted babies and had a drunken sex orgy. Afterwards, the demon Federlin, gave me a witch’s ointment to harm people. I also confess to murdering 40 unbaptized babies using a salve on their foreheads.”

Her fate was chronicled here in the following eyewitness account:

She was publicly taken through the city where they stopped 5 times before executing her. The first stop they tore off one of her tits with irons. The second stop, the other tit and the third, her hand. Stop 4 was her other hand and at the execution place, an arm. As she was bleeding to death they set her on fire.



In 1603 the fanatical Bishop, Balthasar von Dernbach decides to go on a rampage. Merga Bien had been widowed twice and had been without child with her third husband until quite late. The inquisition made the charge that the only way she could be pregnant was through intercourse with the Devil. Under torture she confessed and also pleaded guilty to murdering her former husbands and some other people. As she burned, the trauma caused her to give birth, they tossed the baby back into the fire like a salad.




March 1095. Pope Urban II decreed that any man taking the cross to the holy lands was free of sin and debt. Using the Bishops, they whipped up a frenzy of blood fuelled revenge against the Muslims in Jerusalem. The first 4 waves never made it past Turkey, they became intoxicated with raping and pillaging towns and cities. It was said the French were the most savage, even stabbing babies as they suckled. 300 thousand crusaders died fighting in Eastern Europe before they even set foot in the holy lands.


  1. 1097. Two hundred thousand crusaders under the command of Europe’s princes march. When they reached Turkey they ran out of food and started cannibalising the locals. The heads of the bodies were catapulted into the towns and mounted on stakes around the camp. The city of Antioch and Marra were completely wiped out, they spared nobody. It was said that human meat sold in the markets, was not even disguised as animal flesh.


Another crusade went to Jerusalem and took it quite quickly. Christian mercy went by the way. Jews were burned alive in their synagogues and Muslims were massacred in the Mosques to such a degree that the blood was knee deep in the Mosque of Omar. They looked like they had been bathing in blood but they washed themselves, put on white robes and gave glory to God at the holy sepulchre as the cities inhabitants rotted around them.


Those who were not murdered, threw themselves from the battlements. Mothers slaughtered their own children and families killed each other. The prisoners they took were usually ransomed, this time however, 300 prisoners were massacred in front of the Sultan who watched at a distance, before retaking the city. After 9 crusades and the loss of millions of lives, the Catholic church decided to give up.



1993 Italy. Archaeologists are digging under a monastery and find some catacombs. They find remains of monks dating back to the 1600’s but also find crushed skulls of babies built into the walls. It turns out the monks had been fucking the nuns and getting them pregnant. The vows they had taken forbid carnal pleasures so when these babies were born, they smashed their skulls in and hid the bodies in the walls of the catacombs. Nice.


Kerala, southern India, present day. Nuns are subjected to a regime of sexual torture by the superiors. Priests are sodomising newmeat so as not to get them pregnant. Senior nuns engage in degrading lesbian sex acts which they claim are safe protection against unwanted pregnancy. Just this year, a nun managed to escape after almost being committed to a mental asylum to shut her up. In her book she describes how a priest took her in his office, related sexually violent stories, stripped off, ordered her to do the same and when she refused he ejaculated over her and tore her clothes off before raping her.


Pope Julius III in the 1550’s was one of the biggest embarrassments to the Church and we won’t let them forget it. He fell in love with his 14 year old nephew, brought him to the Vatican and made him a Cardinal. The two of them shared a bed and often brought back other men to the papal chamber. Julius would publicly boast of the young man’s girth, bringing shame to the entire Church structure. Before Julius, Popes would keep their sexual deviancies quiet.


Every year there seems to be a huge scandal involving priests and little boys, it’s always little boys and never girls. The church somehow seems to blow smoke over it and bundle the offenders back off to the Vatican where international law doesn’t apply. Pope John Paul II was a man who had a taste for choir boys. Before lights out, he would go down to the alter and line up the boys so he could give them communion. Now giving them communion meant putting his personal ‘blessing’ in them as they blew him off under the papal robe. The unlucky child who caused his ‘blessing’ to explode, had the honour of sharing his bed for the night.



The religious orders of the world have shown us how driven they are to the point of inflicting terror on someone who believes something different to them. I wonder, if the new pope was of a generation gone by, would he have been any different? Would he have branded non believers heretics and had them tortured? No doubt his old Nazi past would have given him the same flair and imagination of his predecessors. I wonder what he thinks will happen to him when he dies. Will he have a place in heaven or will he have a purpose more sinister? My guess is he will rot in hell for being head of an organization who protects it’s paedophiles, promotes an anti-contraception policy, causing aids and unwanted pregnancy and for having a history more brutal and bloody than any religion or group in human history. I guess we will wait and see what his fate will be.




“I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get.” Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Kill them all. Let God sort them out!”  Saint Dominic, at the genocide of the Albigensians.

“We, on our side, are praying to Him to give us victory, because we believe we are right; but those on the other side pray to Him, too, for victory, believing they are right. What must He think of us?”  Abraham Lincoln.

“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”. Denis Diderot.

“I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Mohandas Gandhi

“The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.” Ferdinand Magellan.

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.” George Bernard Shaw.

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