Islam Guide



In this modern
world, one thing hasn’t changed since ancient times, Muslims still like
killing people. In our guide to Islam we will be revealing their beliefs,
secrets and the things that drive them.



Muslims hate Jews, they hate everyone but Jews in particular. As much as we
agree with this, the irony is, they originated from the Jewish faith. The son of
Abraham, Ishmael, is considered to be the point at which Islam broke away from
the Jews, again the irony is that Ishmael was a wicked man and in actual fact
they developed from pagan Baal worship in ancient Babylon anyway.


Muhammad was the prophet who wrote the Koran. Little is known about him other
than that he was a pork eating homosexual who had smoked too much shit, wrote
the Koran, an autobiography of self loathing waffle) that eventually led to the
creation of a fanatical hate driven nation of terrorists. He is said to have
blown himself up in a school with explosives in latter half of the 7th century.



Who here doesn’t like a juicy pork sandwich and a bottle of fine beer?
Apparently the turban bombing Islamists don’t, or so they’d have you believe.
The pig is considered and unclean animal and alcohol is banned, well,
officially. In most communities there are secret pork bars where swine and
alcohol can be bought on the quiet. It’s a bit like those dark family incest
secrets that everybody knows, but avoids talking about.


The Muslim faith believes in one God and one God only. The belief is that Allah
descended from a frog. Apparently he was living in a pond near Mecca in an
alternate world inhabited by gods and some sick duck decided to kiss him to
see if he turned into a princess. Sadly he turned into a homosexual. You see
it was his first same sex kiss which caused an infinite black hole void to
implode and create the world.

They preach that because Allah sinned in such a horrible way, it means he can
sympathize with our sins when judging us, this is why the fables of Allah
paint him as a killing, raping, lying, cheating, homosexual that was washed up
on booze and crack.


Muslims hate women. The Koran teaches us that women are the waste product of a
miscarriage. This is why many major rivers in Islamic countries such as the
banks of the Tigris are littered with dead baby girls. They teach that your
sins will cause bad luck and the curse of Allah will prevent you from bearing
a male. How they think the human race would survive without women is not


The social class of women is said to be somewhere below the dog. In fact some animals are
revered and almost worshipped…or is that the Hindu’s? Who gives a duck!
Islamic law commands women to dress like ninja’s for some reason. They call
this head covering the burka but whatever it is, theory has it that it was
brought in because all Middle Eastern women are pig ugly. Women also can’t
vote because the menstrual cycle makes their mind dull but they are expected
to do all the work and wait on the man’s every desire.


Masturbation is considered a filthy practice and is punishable by death
(unless done inside a mosque). Many Muslims have the name Allah tattooed on
their hand to stop them masturbating but all it means is that rather than
doing it in public parks, they have to do it in private to ensure the mobile
morality police don’t catch them. If women are given permission to flick their
bean in a mosque, the ‘ninja’ head covering must be worn.


 Islam tells us that Allah loves you. That really depends on which ‘you’ we are
talking about. If you are female, forget it, if you are straight, in your
dreams and if you are white, you have no chance. As we’ve already established,
Allah is a homosexual and commands all Muslims to kill the kaffir (white pig)
with the sword.


The five pillars of faith. The five pillars of faith are duties each Muslim
performs to demonstrate his faith.

  • Accepting that there is no god other than Allah and beheading anyone who doesn’t agree.
  • Praying 15 times a day to god that doesn’t exist.
  • Alms giving, where Muslims are required by Islamic law to give fifty percent
    of their income to fund weapons of mass destruction.
  • Fasting, to prove you are a sanctimonious, pious prick who likes to impress
    people by pointlessly starving yourself to near death.
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca or exposing your bare genitals east to satisfy the
    homosexual pig-god Allah’s insatiable desire for men.


The rules of decency in most Islamic countries are different to ours. The
age of consent is as low as eight years old in some countries.
Inter-marriage between blood relatives is not uncommon. It’s believed that
marrying inside the family strengthens the family bond and makes for a
secure future. Marrying your sister who is only eight years old is a very
difficult tradition for westerners to understand for some reason.

To defeat an enemy we must be aware of how he behaves and works. By
examining previous acts of terrorism we can protect ourselves against
further attack. We had the Muslim invasion of the holy lands in the days of
the crusades, the destruction of the world trade centre, the use of weather
machines to cause hurricane Katrina, the atom bomb and weapons of mass
destruction, the banning of pork and alcohol, censorship and the prohibition
of the freedom of speech and bringing Islamic law to countries where freedom
of choice and expression are accepted. They also use suicide dog bombers.

Islam is denial, its self obsession, fanaticism and tunnel vision. What they
don’t tell you is that mosques are really a front for organized crime.
Inside these places are the most disgusting, degrading acts ever to have
been carried out and happening on a regular basis. They are usually whore
houses with bars serving alcohol, unclean meat, book burning, hate talk,
unlicensed gambling, dealing in illegal weapons and various other homosexual
deviancies. Inside sources reveal that men also like urinating on each other
which is why paki’s smell of piss.

Europe is being overrun by sand
niggers. They say they don’t like the west, WELL FUCK OFF HOME THEN! In the
United Kingdom, Sharia law has been given legal status and Germany is full
of fucking Turks. This is a different kind of invasion, it’s an invasion of
culture, an attack on western life so it’s time to stand up and be counted.
There’s only one way to solve this and you know what that is……

We have given a quick analysis of this violent religious offshoot from
Judaism so you can protect yourselves against any potential attack from its
followers. Knowledge is power, to defeat them we must use their weapons and
tactics on them. Go bomb a mosque or maybe behead some school kids.
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