The first thing she felt upon waking up was their cold thin hands on her naked
body. Maybe four of them standing over her as she lie on the cold metal table.
She immediately thought about the stories of aliens and UFO abduction. Was it
all true? Were all those crazy inbred freaks hooked up to endless amounts of
diet soda telling the truth? She decided to open her eyes and she saw those
thin bodies and large round heads in silhouette.


Two of the figures slipped their long hard hands under her back and turned her over
onto her stomach, as they did it she noticed something very strange. One of
their forearms had some kind of tattoo. Something that she couldn’t quite
place but seemed extremely familiar.


The hands slid down her back to her ass. The hard fingers dug into her skin and
pulled her meat back to expose and slightly dilate her anus. This was the
probe, she realized. As the cold metal rod was unceremoniously jammed into her
shithole, her mind raced. Why would they need to do this? Why her in
particular? None of the questions had any answers, and she knew this on some
level. But the pain of the thing inside of her as it pushed against the walls
of her rectum blocked out all thought.


When she awakened what seemed like an eternity later, she expected to open her eyes
and be back in her bed. To her horror what was revealed was something unlike
anything from the UFO reports. They didn’t take people away forever did they?
All the missing persons cases, what if…
then she turned her head and saw that something altogether apart from “alien
abduction” was happening to her.


The swastika was burned into her brain like the face of a rapist. The Nazi, which
was what it must’ve been even though she could not grasp how, reached out it’s
metal hand and hoisted her off of the floor. She realized she had been clothed
in some kind of form fitting suit, and as she looked down she saw the bright
gold star on the chest.


The machine man spoke to her as she was drug by the heels down a labyrinth of
corridors, “If it wasn’t for His intervention, you would’ve spent the rest of
your life with the other Juden on a work detail. But he has taken an extreme
liking to you.”
Her mouth opened and instinctual screams came, and all she could think to say
was, “I’m not a Jew! You have the wrong person!”
Their journey was over, and the Nazi opened a sliding door and tossed her


The room was large and had clear windows all around. Outside, the dust and craters
of the moon. She was on the moon as a prisoner of Nazis. Before she could
think of this deeply, she saw what was at the centre of the room. At first she
imagined it being alive, but no. It was a statue that reminded her of the
Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. But sitting in this harsh metal chair was a
replica of Adolph Hitler.


Another Nazi stepped from the shadows behind the metal statue. He walked up to
her and he said, “This is him. It really is. Did you think that he was dead?”
Mechanical laughter crackled through and distorted the speaker system the Nazi
used to amplify his ancient vocal chords. “And no, you are not a member of the
Jewish race, not like it is viewed on the Earth. Here we have become greater
than any human. We have become one with the machines, and our Fuhrer… he has
become one with the entity. We are truly the master race now, above all men of Earth.”


“He would like to take you, but you must realize that you will not survive it. I
hope that in this death you will find some pleasure?” More laughter that came
from a rusted broken engine. She turned and saw that large tentacles had
emerged from underneath the Fuhrer’s metal avatar. Each one was dripping white
semen from it’s tip end. The Nazi pushed her from behind and she fell onto
Hitler’s cold lap. The Avatar’s eyes glowed as the tentacles wrapped around
her legs. Just as she began to cry a tentacle penetrated the stretch of
rubberized jump suit over her anus.


The pain was enormous as the tentacle forced it’s way up through her intestine.
Her screams truly began when the rape arm reached the first bend in her
digestive track. Instead of pushing forward, it ripped her open internally and
made a bloody shortcut right into her belly. The stomach acid spilled down
through the hole onto her bowels and began burning more holes through her.


Just when the blood and vomit rushed to the top of her throat and threatened to
spill over, the tentacle that had wrapped itself around her neck forced open
her mouth and plunged inside. Instead of going down, she felt it punch a hole
right into the bottom of her skull. This was when she died, and the Furher
felt a small sadness that she no longer squirmed and screamed in his lap. As
the life left her he quickly found his leisure by penetrating both of her eye
sockets and then back into the centre of her still hot brain tissue.


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