Serial Killer Pen Pals


Loneliness got you down in the dumps Lolokausters? Well happiness is only a letter away, so grab a stamp and pen and paper and start your dream relationship with a serial killer today! After all, you may not be here tomorrow…


Charles Manson is the infamous wanna be musician turned cult leader who devised a murder spree that lead to the 1969 slaying of movie director/pedophile Roman Polanski’s actress wife Sharon Tate. His prolific musical work was covered by the likes of The Beach Boys to Guns N Roses, and if you carve a swastika into your forehead, this soothing song bird may sing for you.


Charles Manson B33920

4A 3R 14L P.O Box 3476

Corcoran, CA 93212
Address given on ATWA website

Charles Manson B-33920

P.O. Box 3476 4A4R-007

Corcoran, CA 93212

Charles “Tex” Watson and Leslie Van Houten are some of the remaining living members of the Charles’s Manson cult and perpetrators of their murder sprees. They enjoy writing touching sentiments in blood all over the walls and disemboweling the fetus from your womb.


Charles “Tex” Watson

P.O. Box 409000

Ione, CA 95640-9000


Leslie Van Houten

P.O. Box 6000

Corona, CA 92878-6000


Dannis Rader “The BTK Killer”, Serving 10 consecutive life sentences for Binding, Torturing and Killing 10 victims from the 70s-90s. This ladies man was proud of his accomplishments and enjoyed writing letters and media taunting the police thus finally getting him arrested in the mid 2000’s.


Dennis Rader 0083707

El Dorado CF-Central
P. O. Box 311
El Dorado, KS 67042


James ” The Joker” Holmes, is a Joker fan who mastermined the Aurora, Colorado shooting that left 12 people dead at a movie theater during opening day of the shitty movie the Dark Knight Rises. This Romeo announced his spree kill on dating sites before the act and photoshopped himself into pictures with models because every Joker needs his Harley Quinn, especially ones facing the death penalty.



P.O. Box 4918

Centennial, CO 80155-4918


Although Anders Behring Breivik’s elaborate one man Rambo session protested against the Islamification of Norway by killing 77 people (ironically mostly white people) got him a whopping 21 years (lol) prison sentence, Anders being the consummate professional he is only regrets not killing more on his path to becoming a cultural nationalist icon.


Anders Behring Breivik

Postboks 150

1332 Østerås


Ted “The Unibomber” Kaczynski plagued America with a bombing campaign that captivated the public for over 15 years. His larger goal however, was to make the world a better place for us all, and to free us of the grip of industrialism and consumerism and restore the order of nature. This scruff freedom fighter may look like the last bum you mugged, but beneath the disheveled appearance and quiet demeanor, he could be the father you never had.


Ted Kaczynski 04475–046


PO BOX 8500


This saintly mother, Susan Smith, lead media to suspect a unknown black man had stolen her car and kid napped her two young sons. After collecting the sympathies of the country she said “lol jk, i drove them into a lake with the windows up and watched them bob up and down until they drowned” because as every mother knows, honesty is the best policy. I’m sure she would love to have another young man in her life to be her passenger.


Susan Smith #221487

Leath Correctional Institution
28098 Airport Rd.

Greenwood SC 29649


Eric Smith, the 13 year old problem child who just wanted to kill a 4 year old on the way to camp made national attention when he killed a 4 year old on the way to camp and sodomized them with a tree branch. After spending most of his adult life in prison he claims he is a changed person who shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions as a troubled teen. After all, boys will be boys.


Eric Smith #01A0430

Clinton Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 2001

Dannemora, New York 12929

“Imagine all the letters” Mark Chapman thought to himself while assassinating famed musician and former member of the Beatles, John Lennon. Now he is just a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody, probably wishing he had shot Yoko Ono instead, but it won’t be long before he belongs to you!


Mark Chapman #81A3860

Attica Correctional Facility
Attica, New York 14011


Edmund “The Co-Ed Killer” Kemper may have picked up and slayed prudish co-ed hitchhikers, but he is also a family man who slayed his grandparents at the age of 15. Don’t be a fucking prude, and don’t be a slut or you may find yourself to be his meal. Love is messy, but Edmund is a commited person and will not let “till death do us part” ever stand in the way of fucking your corpse. If that’s not love, i don’t know what is.


Edmund Emil Kemper III # B52453

P.O.B. 2000
Vacaville, CA 95696


Famed NFL player OJ “The Juice” Simpson may have got away with the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson (and some other fuck) because he wore tiny gloves while doing it, but he didn’t get away with the attempted robbery of his own merchandise that finally landed him bars much to the pleasure of the public. Now OJ is looking for an admirer could it be you? You may wanna read his book “If i did it” first so you can plan your counter attack when shit goes south.


Orenthal (O.J.) Simpson #1027820

Lovelock Correctional Center

Prison Road

Lovelock, NV 89419

Gary “The Green River Killer” Ridgway is one of America’s most prolific living serial killers, having confessed to over 90 killings and convicted on the deaths of 49 (Mostly prostitutes) committed in the mid 80s to late 90s. Killing so many women that names and faces became a blur the real tally of his indiscretions may go unfounded, coining the term “I’m not a playa, i just kill a lot.” Not that he would get a good look at their faces anyways when he was choking them with extension chords while fucking them from behind, and honestly, how many “Trixies” and “Vixens” can one man remember anyway? Maybe you can discuss it while watching some corpses decompose with the seasons.


Gary Leon Ridgway 0866218

Washington State Pen.

N 13th Ave.

Walla Walla , WA 99362

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