It was an oppressive
day in the Australian outback. The northerly wind was blowing a sandy, hot
wind across the bush, forcing beads of sweat to form and trickle down my brow.
I had been holding back my bladder all day, as I was forced to herd the cattle
with my father. Luckily we were passing by the neighbours estate and they had
a neat little outhouse next to their clothes line. My father shouted out, “Hey
Derrick! Remember to check under the toilet seat for Redbacks! You know they
love a good dunny!”

“Yeah, yeah, always with the spiders”, I muttered back to him.


About 10 metres from
the outhouse, my insides began to wrangle, and I couldn’t hold myself any
longer. I broke into a full fledged sprint, throwing myself through the door
of the outhouse. Flying through the air I span 180 degrees and threw down my
dacks and landed on the toilet. “Tada!”, I shouted, as my colon burst loose,
and my bladders shot out urine like fire hydrants.


I leant back in delight. It felt like I was
floating on a block of relief, in an ocean of satisfaction. Slowly the penile
torrent reduced to a line of droplets. I shook with such purpose that the old
dunny almost fell to bits. Just as I reached to grab some toilet paper, I felt
a small tickle on my grundle. Initially I giggled, but then it happened. A
sharp sting shot pain into the back of my testicles, and shot right up my
spine. The pain was so terrifying that I almost cried.


I screamed in
ecstasy. The pain sending me half way to orgasm. As I regained concentration I
looked down to my crotch in time to see the little red back spider crawl up my
shaft. It approached the apex of my penis and jammed itself into my hole. I
could feel it forcing its body down my rod like a marble, its strong legs
pressing against the insides of my urethra. The cute little spider went ball deep.


Tears were streaming
down my face, in both pleasure and pain. I could feel the little spider
struggling to hold its own in the depths of my cock. I wanted it to bite me
more. I started to flick the base of my shaft, hoping to incite some spider
angst. Suddenly sharp sting after sharp sting shot through my Johnson. I felt
like I was fucking god himself. My body spasmed, and my veins contracted,
sending a rush of blood through my genitals. My balls contorted and I slew out
more semen than the titanic. I was panting for air, fighting the poison in my
blood. I looked down to see the little spider, curled up dead in my semen. I
screamed out to my father, “HELP DAD! AHHH FUCK! A SPIDER GOT ME!”, but under
my breath I thanked the spider for helping me to experience true love.


By the time my father
found me, I was unconscious. He rushed me to the hospital where I was
administered with anti-venom and a blood transfusion. I was lucky to be alive.
A couple of hours after gaining consciousness, my doctor entered the room. He
looked down at his notebook and said, “I’m sorry Derrick, but the spider
didn’t just bite you”. I looked on quizzically as he drew a deep breath. “It
turns out that the spider laid a batch of eggs on the edge of your sphincter.
We tried to remove as much as we could, but many of the spiderlings had
already hatched and crawled into your anus. I’m sorry.”


The doctor left me in
the room with my father, he leaned over and said “don’t worry son we’ll get
through this together”. As they always say, true love comes from within.