Lolokaust Guide to Voting for Donald Trump

And now a public service announcement!


It’s election season in the United States and we all know what that means, Lots of Rape, Murder, Espionage, Shady backroom deals, and the looming threat of a nuclear holocaust. What a time to be alive! But alas, we do have a shining beacon of hope at the end of this tunnel. A man with so much fucking money he could buy and sell you for the rest of your life and still meet payroll, a man with golden hair, baby blue eyes, and the heart of a champion. This is good guy Trump, and he deserves your vote and undying support this election season.


You may have heard about Good Guy Trump. Some things true, some contrived lies perpetrated by George Soros and the kikes in the liberal parties. We are going to give you the real scoop on Good Guy Trump, free of media bias and political pandering. Most your news pundits are chosen strategically to fill diversity mandates and push progressive agendas through manipulation and slight of hand. So put your hands in Good Guy Trump’s hands, and you will always know the truth.


Good Guy Trump’s critics in the largely jew-kike liberal media and his opponents have orchestrated a clear path to victory for his rival, Shillary Clinton. Anticipating an uncontested election, Hillary laughed her way through a Jew Kike primary and scoffed at the idea that political change could come at the hands of Good Guy Trump. How could this cunt have been so wrong?


Vote Good Guy Trump and put an end to the communist uprising that has taken over Europe and is infecting the United States. Everybody loves free stuff and tear jerking platitudes, But the United States was founded on hard work, ingenuity, and the taming and domesticating of heathens. Do you really want the heathens to be in charge of your well being and education?

comrade sanders

Vote Good Guy Donald Trump because he loves black people and minorities and gets along with them better than anyone. Good Guy Trump cares about all people, He is a modern day humanitarian and values human life in all forms and colours. He does not see race or social standing when he is making big money deals in his tower. The last thing on Trump’s mind is how Black or Mexican you are, or how much you take in on food stamps a month, or what kinds of drugs you sell. This makes him a better candidate than Shillary Clinton, who is so bogged down by your personal issues she had to steal her campaign strategy from Cuck and Chief Bernie Sanders.


Good Guy Trump wants common sense Immigration reform. It’s time to kick out all of the Wetbacks. They are Criminals, Rapists, and some we suppose, are just drains on society. We will start with the illegal ones, who come here to sell drugs and abuse our welfare system. Then we can re evaluate our stance on the legal ones who also come here to sell drugs and abuse our welfare system. Cauterize that infection before it spreads and reclaim America from those given amnesty by Libtards in exchange for votes.


Vote Good Guy Trump and purge the vile radical islam from the world and more importantly, our country. Good guy Trump is the only choice that can properly assess the threat of ISIS and Islam to our modern and civilized people. Libtards react to the pillaging of Europe and the brutal terror plots in America with condonation and apologetics and then condescend to the majority of law abiding citizens for noticing the growing trend of Sand Niggers blowing themselves up and raping white chicks around the world. This reverse psychology philosophy cooked up by the Jews in regards of dragging Islam into the 21st century has not only never worked, but has sold us down the river more times than you can say Allah Akbar. It has also created major vulnerabilities to our freedoms and like other Libtard policies, has put our communities in even more danger as we question our own moral judgement and common sense. Good Guy Trump will use cunning tactics like Profiling and Bang Bang boom boom to secure our home land from those goat fucking Islamists, as he should.


Good Guy Trump will prosecute Shillary Clinton and hold her accountable for her criminal backroom dealings, election fraud, and the selling out of our people for political gains and world power. The push for globalism will come crashing down and we can all enjoy real diversity again without being persecuted by our own leadership.  Bill Clinton will be freed and retire to a cabin out in nature with the ghost of Yasser Arafat and the shakras of diplomacy will align, ending the eras of Islam and nation building. Just put this corrupt bitch in jail where she belongs.


Trump will gain us respect with world leaders through common interests. The well being of our people, our economies, and our sovereignty. We will respect each other’s borders, laws, and fucking wreck anyone that threatens our various peaceful ways of life. Only through strong leadership on America’s center stage can our allies rally around a new vision of peace and prosperity, and that vision, belongs to Good Guy Trump. And Putin.


Good Guy Trump will build a big fucking wall across our border with Mexico. This will be used to deter Mexicans from illegally entering our cities, but more importantly, service as a monument to our freedom and our way of life. Created by us, for us. Where we will forever rest, safely in the crook of Trump’s America.


But each moment is crucial, and Good Guy Trump can’t do it alone. Lolokaust, can’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone. But together we can make the Good Guy Trump presidency a reality. A wealthy bustling utopia where the BLACKS finally go to work and stop killing their kids. Where the whites regain our ingenuity, celebrate and strive for success.  Where Mexicans and Muslims stay where ever the fuck they are and do whatever they normally do and see how that works for them. Reclaim your independence, Vote Good Guy Trump!


Art by
Sissy Wanker
Hitler Buttsecks